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Extraordinary opportunities.

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Cardinia Shire Council is a dynamic, progressive and inclusive organisation. It's a place for people who dream big and embrace opportunities to enrich, contribute and make a difference to our community.

Our employees have a diverse spread of experience and backgrounds, but they're united in their commitment to innovation and making positive connections with others. At Cardinia, they've found a place that has invested in their wellbeing to set them up for career and personal success.

As we collaborate and innovate across teams, with other agencies, and with our community, everything we do is underpinned by our 'Together, Different and for the Future' approach.

Hear what 'Together, Different, Future' means to our team.

Our values

Our values are the foundation of our workplace culture - a culture that sets us apart from the rest. They're demonstrated in everything we do.

Council’s vision for the next 4 years is that the unique identity of our urban, hills and rural areas is strengthened. We meet the challenges we face together as a community. How we respond balances the needs of our people, businesses, our productive land, and natural environments.

Our values underpin our work and behaviours to ensure we deliver on this vision, while maintaining a healthy, engaging and inclusive workplace.