Purpose, growth and community: The extraordinary opportunities available at Cardinia Shire Council

One of the things people love most about a career at Cardinia Shire Council is the endless opportunities. Whether it’s piloting innovative programs or mentoring future generations, a career at council means making a difference that truly counts. Hear from council employees why they’ve chosen to do the best work of their careers at Cardinia Shire Council.

Purpose and pride

When you first meet Shamama, the warmth and positivity she exudes makes you feel completely at ease. It’s this intangible quality that makes her the perfect fit for a role in Cardinia Shire Council’s People and Culture team, so it’s surprising that her career originally started in a very different field.

Belinda is a true professional and a compassionate Maternal and Child Health (MCH) nurse. As a Team Leader, she’s played a role in almost every group in the service, helping first-time parents and young mums, and lending her pitch-perfect pipes to the Mother Goose nursery rhyme program. But her proudest achievement at Cardinia Shire Council has been growing an at-home care program for newborns.

“When myself and the other MCH team leaders piloted the program in late 2014, I was the main practitioner delivering the service, managing referrals, contacting families and paying visits to them. Now, we have up to five nurses on the road each day visiting families that have just come home from hospital. It’s their first introduction to the maternal and child health service, so we want to build a strong relationship with them so they know they can trust us with their child’s care.”

Belinda is a proud advocate of Cardinia’s holistic approach – so much so that she facilitates the placement program, liaising with universities and supporting incoming students.

“It’s been amazing to see the increased demand of midwives wanting to branch out into the maternal and child health space. Student placements have become really competitive. After we allocated last year’s students, I had around six people reach out to me that I had to put on a waitlist in case someone pulled out!”

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Growing personally and professionally

“When I started my apprenticeship at Cardinia Shire Council after finishing high school, I was the only female apprentice I knew of in the field. So it was super exciting to learn we were getting another female apprentice in the team this year. It’s been really rewarding to be teaching someone instead of being the one that’s taught. I’ve learned a lot about myself, and hopefully, she’s learned a lot, too. It’s been good for both of us.”

Natalie certainly has a lot of knowledge to share. In her time at Cardinia Shire Council, her skillset has broadened so she can now step into almost every role in the workshop, whether it’s on the tools or behind a desk. Her experience has come in clutch in times that matter most, like emergency breakdowns, storms, and flooding. Despite Natalie’s countless professional opportunities, the biggest growth she’s experienced has been personal.

“I’m not the same little apprentice I was 10 years ago. I’ve grown so much; I’m not afraid to put my hand up for things, have meetings with suppliers or just put myself out there more. I’m even a Fire Warden, so if there’s an emergency, I can go out and help. I’m very proud of the person I’ve grown into, and I have Cardinia Shire Council to thank for that.”

Lifelong possibilities for your career

Rob is no stranger to the extraordinary opportunities available in local government. Joining a neighbouring council back in 1978, Rob enjoyed an incredibly diverse career journey across roles in finance and customer service before he decided it was time to think about retiring. Still, that didn’t mean he was ready to hang up his hat for good.

“I was looking for a casual role that would suit my retirement. I was used to working for the community, and working as a School Crossing Supervisor allowed me to do that. I saw it as a great opportunity to continue what I’d already done while having a bit more flexibility.”

Many people view retirement as their career coming to an end. But Rob’s found that he’s still learning so much and is challenged in new ways every day. Recently, he was enlisted to train 15 casual recruits in all the essential skills they need to keep kids safe on their way to school. And with Cardinia Shire continuing to grow, Rob is certain the opportunities will grow along with it!

“The great thing about councils is they provide possibilities. Working on school crossings is a great way to get your foot in the door, and from there, people get to know you, your skills and development. Wherever you want your path to lead you, Cardinia Shire Council EBAmplify | Themed Story | October 2023 2 there’s opportunities. It’s up to you to put up your hand and take them.

Together, Different, Future

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Lifelong possibilities for your career

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Meet inspiring employees Belinda, Natalie, and Rob. They’ve all had incredible opportunities to grow, making their careers and the community all the better for it!

“I’m not the same person I was when I started as an apprentice here 10 years ago,” Natalie says. “I’ve grown so much; I’m not afraid to put my hand up for things, have meetings with suppliers or just put myself out there more. I’m even a Fire Warden, so if there’s an emergency, I can go out and help. I’m very proud of the person I’ve grown into, and I have Cardinia Shire Council to thank for that.”

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