When great people come together, amazing things happen.

The heart of Cardinia Shire Council is its people. More than just colleagues, they are a close-knit collective driven by shared values and a commitment to improving people’s lives in the community. From Shamama in People and Culture, Gagan in Information Services, to Belinda in Maternal and Child Health Services, Cardinia’s people understand that teamwork and collaboration are the keys to success.

Creating a welcoming environment

People and Culture Officer Shamama understands the value people can bring to an organisation better than anyone else. With over 15 years of experience, she’s built an impressive resume in the field of Human Resources. She emphasises the importance of creating a workspace where everyone’s ideas are heard.

“Our People and Culture team is like a close-knit family. It’s not just about our professional connections; we’ve really formed personal bonds with everyone on the team. We’re there for each other, always ready to lend a hand or provide support when it’s needed. And it goes both ways; if I’m ever feeling down or facing a challenge, they offer their advice and even check in on my well-being.

“My team has been exceptional right from the start. I remember attending a training session in the city where, to be honest, I stood out – I was the only one with a different cultural background. The other attendees seemed distant and just stuck to their own groups. So, I brought this up in one of our team meetings, and their reaction surprised me. They were genuinely shocked and incredibly supportive. My team has always been very welcoming and treat me with respect.

“A great example of this openness and support happened during an interview. One of our HR business partners contacted me about a candidate who seemed uncomfortable making direct eye contact with her. She wondered if this was a cultural norm in India. I explained that it’s often a sign of respect. I really appreciate my team’s willingness to understand and learn, which has been a constant since my first day at Cardinia Shire Council.”

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Growing personally and professionally

Gagan joined Cardinia Shire Council in 2017 as a Service Desk Supervisor. Since then, he’s become Chief Information Officer and has spearheaded many exciting technological advancements in the way Cardinia works and delivers its services. For him, teamwork and collaboration are crucial aspects of innovation and progress.

“As a team, we’ve worked through multiple challenges, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we were able to deliver on projects and keep the business running smoothly. I want to emphasise that it’s not just about my individual effort; it’s due to the team that supports me. Because we were able to get through those tough times, it enabled us to grow and bond as a team.

“Our goal is that our collaboration should be seamless, whether it’s the operations team working with the IT team to troubleshoot an issue or our kinders team facing application challenges and finding support from our business systems team. Even when there’s a freedom of information request, people from other teams are willing to jump in and give them a hand. Little things like that can make a big difference.

“For myself, I want to be able to support my teams as best as I can, so they can continue to effectively provide the services our growing community requires.”

Building genuine connections

Belinda has built a rewarding career in Maternal and Child Health Services at Cardinia Shire Council. She’s been with us since 2012 and is well-loved for her caring and supportive nature, especially towards students and graduate nurses. As a Team Leader, her legacy is defined by nurturing growth and building supportive and inclusive environments.

“One thing that stands out about Cardinia is their commitment to their people. It’s clear they genuinely care about you, not just as an employee but as an individual. They invest in your growth and wellbeing, and there are lots of opportunities for you to develop as a person.

“The feedback I usually get from my individual team is that they’re genuinely grateful for the support that goes above and beyond to make sure everyone’s happy and safe. They say they feel valued and heard, and that makes it all worthwhile.”

“When I first started, one thing I noticed was how close-knit the team was and how nurturing the people were. I was so lucky that my second day on the job was a team day where the whole team came together. It was a day full of professional development and team-building activities. So basically, I got to meet and connect with the entire team straight away. They were so friendly and genuinely interested in getting to know me. It was such a nice environment to enter as a new practitioner.”

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