Our process

Cardinia’s recruitment process is a crucial part of our mission to create an inclusive workplace with teams made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds, who possess the skills, experience, and values we seek. Here is an overview of our recruitment process, so you know what to anticipate when applying for a position with us. 

1. Discover the right opportunity

All vacant roles at Cardinia are listed on this website. If you have any accessibility requirements, we encourage you to call us on 1300 787 624.

We hope you find your perfect role. Good luck!

2. Apply

Before applying for a position, we encourage you to read the position description carefully to gain a good understanding of the role’s requirements. Once ready, you may submit your application online via our website. You must provide basic personal information, a cover letter, and an updated CV.  have. It is essential to ensure that your CV is up-to-date and that your cover letter illustrates why you are a suitable fit for the role. 

3. Applicants are shortlisted

The selection panel reviews all applications against the position description and key requirements to determine which candidates have the strongest claim to the advertised position. These candidates are then shortlisted for an interview. If shortlisted, a member of our People and Culture team or Hiring Manager team will contact you to invite you to an interview, which may be held in person or online. We typically take around 14 days to shortlist and contact shortlisted applicants, but this timeframe may vary depending on the number of applications we receive. All applications are notified of an outcome.

4. Prepare for your interview

Before the interview

  • Carefully read the position description and key selection criteria.
  • Think of questions that may be asked at the interview and prepare your answers.
  • Think of your previous experience in work situations and prepare specific examples of how you’ve handled those situations in a positive way, using the STAR method. This is a template for answering key selection criteria or interview questions. STAR stands for:
    • Situation – explain the context.
    • Task – explain the task and how you used your skills to complete it, or explain the problem and how you solved it.
    • Action/s – explain what you did to achieve the goal or solve the problem.
    • Result - explain the end result and its positive impact
  • Prepare your questions for the panel – remember, the interview is a two-way process. What would you like to know about the role, the conditions, and what it’s like to work at Cardinia and the team?
  • Work out how you’ll get to the interview and how long it will take you – plan to get there early.

5. Take part in an interview

The interview process assists us in determining which candidate(s) have the right combination of qualifications, skills, abilities, experience, knowledge, and personal attributes to perform the role. The selection panel typically comprises of two to three people, with gender balance. They will ask you a series of questions and may ask you to participate in other selection techniques, such as case studies/role-play, work samples, aptitude and ability. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions.

6. After the interview

You may be invited to come in for a second interview. If unsuccessful, after an interview, the Hiring Manager will contact you and provide feedback. If you are the preferred applicant, the Hiring Manager will discuss the next stage, which encompasses pre-employment. checks.

7. Pre-employment

Preferred candidates are required to take part in pre-employment the pre-employment process, this is conducted by external providers. No offers of employment are made until the entire screening process has been completed.

These checks include;
Reference checks: a minimum of 2 reference checks will be completed. Our preference is to conduct reference from your most recent direct reports. If this is not possible, this should be discussed at interview stage.

National Police Check: A mandatory requirement. A police check needs to have been completed within the previous 3 months to be valid.

Working with Children Check, (employee category), this is required for certain positions.
Pre-Employment medicals: Depending on the role, you will need to undertake either a:

  • pre-medical questionnaire
  • functional health assessment. This is to assess your physical capabilities and make sure you could safely do the job you’ve applied for.

The pre-employment process can take anywhere from 4-10 days.

8. Offer

Once pre-employment checks have been carried out and it is deemed that you have met the requirements.  The People and Culture Team will issue a contract. If you accept, a formal letter of offer and new starter information is sent electronically and must be completed and returned prior to your first day of work.